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VHS transfers starting at $12.50 per tape

Orders over 30 tapes are reduced to $10 per tape

(prices are for up to an hour length tape)

FREE flash drive delivery with an order of 30+ transfers

Additional services are available. Please reach out below for a quote and current price sheet.


Thanks, Nick

Video Capture Samples

Video Transfers

The VHS transfer process is accomplished by a professional grade VCR utilizing an S-Video signal and stereo audio (if applicable). MiniDV, HDV, & Digital8 are accomplished by a high level camcorder via real time capture in the best connection style available. The fullest quality of the video is preserved, the deliverable being an upconverted high definition video file up to 60 frames per second with a slight color boost and audio normalization. 

What formats can be transferred?

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, HDV, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, & DVD

What is the final output?

The final video file is an 720p MP4 (1080p for HDV) up to 60 fps. A private link will be provided for the video file to be downloaded. The link will remain online for two weeks after the final video is delivered

How do the tapes get to you and what happens to them after capture?

After you choose your transfer options, all tapes should be labeled and shipped directly (drop available if local). Once the final video is captured and the file is delivered to you, original tapes can be returned at your expense. If you do not wish to have the tapes returned, they will be disposed. The final file will be stored for one year after capture and can be stored indefinitely for an additional fee.

Can you transfer to a DVD?

No, at this point DVDs are both cost prohibitive and reduce the quality to an unacceptable. Deliver on a flash drive is available for an additional costs. Most modern DVD/Blu-Ray players and TVs can play the videos directly from a flash drive.

How long does the process take?

The video capture process or real time, meaning a one hour recording takes one hour to capture. Processing and uploading the final output also takes time. During initial contact, turnaround time can be discussed, as it will depends on how many jobs are in house.

Will the videos be edited at all?

No, the videos will be captured as is. Areas of bad tracking or corrupt sections will be removed. Other than a boost to the color and audio, everything will be left the same. Editing is available additionally and can be discussed during initial contact.

Can pre-recorded video tapes be captured?

No. In order to apply to international copyright law, I can only capture home movies. Discretion will be used for TV programs or movies recorded off of TV, and they should be mentioned during initial contact.

Will everything be private?

Yes, all video captured will remain private. Illegal acts will not be captured.

Do I own the final video?

Yes. You owned it originally and it will remain your property. Once it is back in your possession, it is yours to do as you wish and you are accountable for where it gets posted and stored for the future.

Is this a big company?

Nope. Just a guy capturing memories.


Nick D'Errico

(609) 313-2186


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